After the rain, L'Anse waterfront park, by Jim Baker. Click to Enlarge.
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Flood Relief
Bond Falls by Jim Baker. Click to enlarge
Flood Relief

I went to the center where they were giving cleanup items to flood victims. I needed some masks to finish cleaning my basement.They offered me a bucket that had other supplies I needed. When I got it home I noticed that it was an UMCOR bucket. That was so touching to be the recipient of one of the buckets. We give to help others and it was a strange feeling to be on the receiving end. It was so helpful and I should be able to finish the cleaning by the end of the week. Thanks to the United Methodist Church and the people that support UMCOR.


Rev. Mary Laub, pastor, Painesdale UMC

First Person Experiences

According to an UMCOR representative UMCOR no longer establishes individual numbers for disasters so there will be no specific number for the flash flood disaster in the Copper Country. The number for U.S. Disaster Response # is 901670.


However, a Michigan Conference Disaster Response Fund has been set up. Make checks payable to the Michigan Conference Treasurer, memo Michigan Disaster Response Fund, and mail to Michigan Conference Treasury, 1161 East Clark Road, Ste. 212, DeWitt, MI 48820. Go here to give online.


Flood cleanup is proceeding but so far, mostly only local funds have been forthcoming.  


A Michigan House resolution was introduced on July 13 asking President Donald Trump to declare a major disaster for the Michigan U.P. counties of Houghton, Gogebic and Menominee. So while federal funds may be in the future, your donations are still very necessary.

......Because of the narrow focus, many people in the area who weren't affected turned out to help in the recovery efforts, minimizing the need for outside teams. We did have a number of teams from places like Marquette, Green Bay and Milwaukee.


But I get the sense that most homes have had the water, mud, sand and rocks cleaned out, and the few that haven't will be finished in the next couple days. So the focus will soon turn to rebuilding.


The home where Bob, Lisa, James, Debra and our church folks spent their time Saturday and Sunday was fortunate, in that no water came into the main floors of the house, only the basement. Not all homes were that fortunate, so there will be some need for folks who work on reconstruction.


Many of the homes affected are old - built in the late 1800's and early 1900's - so the walls are plaster rather than drywall. I'm not sure how that complicates rebuilding. Also, almost no one affected had flood insurance. Since they didn't live in a flood plain it was not even an option for them to purchase flood insurance. Hopefully we'll know soon if FEMA will assist, but my understanding is that even if they do, relief to individual home owners is not their main focus, so families typically receive $5,000 to $10,000. That will leave some of the folks with a large financial burden. I know of one situation in which half of a house was literally washed away. Two other homes I worked in earlier in the week had significant damage to the home. Volunteer labor would be a big help to folks in these situations.......


Rev. Scott Lindenberg, pastor, Hancock First UMC 6/25/18



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